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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PorchLight's approach?

Our coaching style is holistic, inclusive, seeks to create a safe place of belonging and acceptance where clients feel free to be themselves, express their fears, and reach their goals with skillfully crafted support tools. Through the use of practical models, professional frameworks, and purposeful prayer we help our clients uncover their potential and unpack their authenticity. In each session you can expect powerful questions, an empathetic ear, and a faith based strategic mindset. We are Christian based and welcome clients of all faiths and all backgrounds. 

How can a coach help me?

Coaches provide encouragement, accountability, help clients navigate life transitions, create a vision, find purpose, reframe mindsets, and achieve goals. The truth is, change is hard and goals take consistency. Chances are you've read the books and scanned the self help articles already but when trying something new having a coach to partner with along the way can truly make all the difference!

How do I get started?

Scheduling a complimentary clarity call is the first step. We'll get to know each other, talk about your priorities for coaching and explore how we can help. Simply visit the services tab at the top to book today!

Legal Disclaimer

The information contained within (PorchLight Coaching & Development LLC) is not a substitute for professional advice such as a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or counselor.

The information provided by PorchLight Coaching & Development LLC. and affiliates does not constitute legal or professional advice nor is it intended to be.

Diagnosing psychological or medical conditions is for trained medical professionals (Physicians and Therapists), not for a Life Coach.

DISCLAIMER: The client is the sole decision-maker in the coaching process. Any and all actions or consequences resulting from the coaching sessions are the responsibility of the client. The client releases the coach of all liability pertaining to the services rendered in the coaching relationship. 

By engaging the services of PorchLight Coaching LLC, you agree to all terms and conditions.

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